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6 Month Total Metabolic Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Programme

Did you know your cells can adapt to using different types of fuel to fulfil the body’s energy requirements.

Different pathways of metabolism in the body allow it to utilise fuels such as glucose, fat, ketones or amino acids.

The human body evolved this way to allow for different circumstances such as nutrient scarcity and fasting.

Unfortunately, what has happened is that it is generally overwhelmed with glucose often surplus to requirements.

This glucose from carbohydrates, even the “healthy” type of starchy carbohydrate, is stored in the body as fat, triglycerides, and along with raised insulin, results in poor metabolic health, which underlies the majority of illness and disease today.

Poor metabolic health manifests in weight gain, high blood sugar, increased blood pressure,  and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and inflammatory conditions, It is also associated with mood, brain function, memory, energy, skin health, fertility and risk of chronic disease.

 It is however, entirely possible to prevent and reverse this process through what we eat and how we live.  @Metabolically Fit - Your Health by Design

Introducing Your 6 Month Total Metabolic Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Programme

Go from feeling fed up and unhealthy, to vibrant, happy

and energetic 💫 


- x6 powerful and informative modules delivered to your inbox monthly to guide you through a complete diet and lifestyle transformation. Includes tailored gene-based recommendations, including specific dietary goals for vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, foods, and unique supplementary recommendations.

- DNA analysis to offer insight into seven different biological processes to identify your specific requirements and predisposition to disease. These include heart disease, B vitamins (cell renewal and DNA), oxidative stress, bone health, detoxification, inflammation and insulin resistance. The results provide clear interpretations for useful lifestyle and dietary recommendations. 

- x 6 coaching calls to review your progress, tackle any difficulties and refine your programme.

- Access to Julie via private WhatsApp chat to ask questions, discuss any issues that arise or just to receive motivation and accountability. 

- Recipes and meal inspiration, meal plans, shopping lists, food guides, handouts, and more.

- Option to add on further testing such as cholesterol, fasting insulin, vitamin D, Blood glucose, Liver function, inflammatory markers, thyroid. 

 All you need to get long term improvement including – 

Recipes and meal inspiration • meal plans • shopping lists •

food guides • handouts • ongoing support 

Modules included in the programme. 

Module 1: Nourish Your Body for True Health and Wellbeing  - Understand what to eat and when. Banish cravings, improve energy levels, and heal your body from the inside out.


Module 2: Benefit from a blood sugar balancing way of eating - Lower glucose and insulin - Address cravings, regulate appetite, improve hormonal health, and metabolic health - The fabulous four: protein, fat, fibre & leafy greens.

Module 3: Optimise Digestion - Key to long term health and wellbeing. Ensure you are benefiting from of all those lovely nutrients in your diet. Nourish your microbiome.


Module 4: Your Individual Health Profile - DNA Analysis and Recap.  Help you build a plan unique to you and your needs based on your specific genetic coding.  

Module 5: Stress Management  - Relaxation, mindfulness, meditation. Supporting your mental and emotional health for lifelong results. From a nutritional & lifestyle perspective. 


Module 6: Movement/activity – Inspiration  – Finding something you enjoy! Helping you get active with regular appropriate movement & activity & how to fit it in to support true health and healing. 



Improve your health once and for all @Metabolically Fit - Your Health by Design
Investment - £995 (Current introductory offer)
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