9 Month Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching alongside Hypnotherapy


  • 9 months of diet & lifestyle support to help you implement the changes that will improve your health. 

  • A full MOT to test your health markers.


  • Retesting at 14 weeks and 18 weeks to ensure you are on the right track.


  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching.


  • Mindset Hypnotherapy.


  • Regular support and motivation.

High blood pressure, increased waist circumference, high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol and increased inflammation are all known as METABOLIC DYS-REGULATION. It is not a disease as such but a cluster of cardiovascular risk factors.  When 3 or more of the known risk factors are combined, the condition is called Metabolic Syndrome (MetS). Diet, lifestyle, sleep and stress management are some of the modifiable risk factors that you can reduce your risk of chronic disease.





Are you wondering how well your body is coping with your current lifestyle, right now? Or have you had a recent blood test indicating a problem? 

Underlying health issues can be a silent contributor to how we feel on a day-to-day basis but can also be slow in their manifestation that we end up in big trouble before we realise and then find it difficult to claw good health back.


Sadly, as we get older we tend to experience symptoms such as fatigue, increased lethargy, pain, inflammation and weight gain or weight loss. Ruling out the 3 main culprits, diabetes, cholesterol and inflammation is a great place to start. 


Knowing where you are on the scale of good versus poor health is a step towards avoiding or reversing issues. With this is in mind our HEALTH RESOLUTION PROGRAMME is designed to identify underlying issues, and help you put in place the diet and lifestyle habits to help you get back to good health.


We use a pin prick blood analysis system (a shoebox sized device) that gives fast (in minutes), accurate and private results including pre-diabetes and diabetes indicators (HbA1C), cholesterol and inflammation plus other more specific tests.

Diabetes UK recommend HbA1c tests should be repeated every 12 weeks, giving the individual enough time to make measurable changes to their lifestyle. This enables you to take action in your day-to-day life before the need for medication. This is why during our programme we retest at regular intervals to ensure you are on the right track.

So whether you have already had a blood test indicating a problem, or you would like to improve your health and safeguard your future, our HEALTH RESOLUTION programme will put you on the right track.

What's included in the programme

A full MOT to know your numbers!

Testing at the beginning, middle and end of the programme to see your progress and ensure you are on the right track. 


Tests include HBA1C, Cholesterol profile, CRP, weight, waist and height measurements. Full feedback, explanations and a personalised plan of action to get your health on track.



 Nutrition and lifestyle coaching sessions including a deep dive into your medical history, current health, diet, lifestyle and goals.  A full personalised consultation report detailing YOUR plan of action, meal plans, recipes, meal inspiration and handouts.


Mindset hypnotherapy sessions to tackle any barriers or issues holding you back from success and help you adopt a winning mindset to keep you moving forward towards better health and wellbeing.




Monthly sessions to supercharge your health and mindset

Support and motivation in-between consultations

Support throughout in our “REAL HEALTH” community.


Includes a facebook group to ask questions, gain support and further resources to help you improve your health.


You will be given everything you need to succeed. In between monthly sessions you will have access to a qualified nutritionist and lifestyle coach, Chiropractor and hypnotherapist though a supportive online group. 


There will also be the option of weekly sessions to keep you motivated and ask any questions or gain the support you need. 

 9 months of tailored nutritional coaching, mindset hypnotherapy and regular testing to help you make REAL lifestyle changes for REAL results.