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12 Week Vital life Programme

This programme is designed to tackle the root cause of low mood and depression through personalised nutrition and lifestyle changes.  

It incorporates 2 steps, including a complete dietary and lifestyle plan, to help you gain control of your emotions, improving mood whilst instilling a sense of wellbeing and happiness. 

It's time to make a difference for yourself, restoring health, happiness and joy back into your life. 

What's involved




We'll get you eating right to optimise digestion, brain health, support your nervous system and emotional stability.




In order to nurture all round health and give you the best chance of success we'll help you instil the lifestyle habits important for wellness. We'll look at your exercise and stress management for an all round holistic approach.

How it works

This plan is run over a 12 week duration. One to one consultations are available via video call or in-person.

  • Detailed health questionnaire and food dairy. 

  • An initial consultation lasting around

      1 1/2 hours.​

  • 30 minute coaching sessions every two weeks to keep you on track and refine your programme.

  • Regular evaluations of your symptoms and progress.

  • A regular food dairy review to educate and help you eat in a way that is realistic and enjoyable for you, as well as compliments your health.

  • Support in-between via email or messenger.

  • The option of testing and supplementation for an added cost.

  • Understanding, personal and non-judgmental support to help you commit to achieving better health and wellbeing.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch below for a free 20 minute chat, or with any further questions you might have.

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