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Bespoke 14 Week Metabolically Fit 


My Bespoke 14 Week Metabolically Fit Programme takes a deep dive into your medical history, current health and circumstances and helps you instil the habits that will get you from feeling fed up and unhealthy, to vibrant, happy and energetic 💫 


Tackling metabolic health, the way your body responds to the food you eat, we will address your underlying drivers of ill health to help you prevent further illness or address current concerns. 

All clients start here to give you a solid foundation from which to move forward. 

What's included

Detailed health questionnaire and food diary sent on receipt of payment.

An initial consultation lasting around

1 1/2 hours either in-person or via video call booked within a week of completing the initial paperwork above.

6 bi-weekly followups of 45 minutes to keep you progressing and refine your programme.

Recipes and meal inspiration, meal plans, shopping lists, food guides, handouts and lots more.

Regular evaluations of your symptoms and progress.

A regular food dairy review to educate and help you eat in a way that is realistic and enjoyable for you, as well as compliments your health.

Opportunity to attend extra WEEKLY online coaching sessions for extra support and motivation. 

"For each client, I research their case thoroughly using the questionnaire, case history, consultation and feedback. I liaise with supplement and testing companies, and seek support if needed to make sure clients receive the best, up to date guidance". 

Optional Extra's



Testing can help uncover possible underlying imbalances and nutrient deficiencies contributing to your symptoms. It can help take the guess work out and ensure a true personalised approach leading to faster results. 

Recommendations for testing can be carried out by your Gp on the NHS where possible, or ordered privately for a more comprehensive service.  For some examples of tests that can be carried out click here for more information.



Personalised supplementation appropriate to you and your goals. You will also receive 10 - 20% off retail price. 

Supplementation is not always necessary and the focus will always be on dietary and lifestyle habits first. Examples can include nutrients you are deficient in, or nutrients, herbal medicines and phytochemicals shown to be useful adjuncts in improving metabolic function. 

How I help

Copy of Copy of Copy of Student Council


 You will be given everything you need to make your health and wellbeing journey easier. Handouts, recipes, meal inspiration, meal plans, shopping lists and more.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Student Council


Step by step advice and direction from me on what to focus on each week. You will feel inspired to take the action and we will instil the self belief that you can do this, and enjoy the process.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Student Council


 I will be here to guide and support you, with the option of weekly coaching calls, regular consultations and progress forms to keep you accountable to make sure you get the results.

Experience the improvements

Typical improvements clients see on my programmes

**The amount of weight loss and improvements seen are different for each client depending on underlying health and how much action they took. This is different clients I have worked with over the last 6 years. 

✔️ Weight loss
✔️ Reduced blood glucose levels

✔️ Improved insulin sensitivity
✔️ Lowered blood pressure
✔️ Reduced inflammatory markers/pain
✔️Improved blood lipids and triglycerides.

✔️ Alleviation of digestive discomfort and IBS like symptoms

✔️ Improved thyroid function and reduction in symptoms
✔️ Improved hormonal balance
✔️ Increased energy
✔️ Improved mood
✔️ Reduced anxiety

✔️ Lowered stress
✔️ Better sleep
✔️ Improved self esteem
✔️ Clearer skin

✔️ Improved immunity and susceptibility to viruses.

✔️ More active
✔️ Feeling 100% better about themselves, their eating habits, lifestyle and body!

Cost  - £995

"Julie has inspired me in all areas of my health and wellbeing. From improving my sleeping habits, to exploring my nutrition, to supporting my medical conditions, and relaxation and stress. I have made huge improvements in all these areas and am feeling much healthier and happier in myself. Thank you so much Julie!".

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