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Go from feeling unhealthy & fed up to vibrant, happy and energetic 💫


Natural Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

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Hi, my name is Julie, thank you for looking at my little space on the web. I help people like you go from feeling unhealthy and fed up, to vibrant, happy, and energetic! I do this by supporting individuals to improve their health and address and manage chronic health conditions naturally through diet and lifestyle. My main aim is to help clients improve their quality of life and safeguard their future from illness.

I use a number of different methods to provide an all-around holistic approach to health improvement and consider a client's physical, mental, and emotional health to ensure appropriate, realistic, and manageable action steps.

There is so much we can do to help you overcome symptoms and propel your health to a better place. I’m still amazed at how quickly clients who have struggled for years, transform their health and well-being just by making a few small changes.

So, if you are currently feeling unhealthy and fed up, get in touch and we will soon get you feeling 100% better about your health.


What I Specialise In

 Healthy Blood Sugar, Inflammatory conditions,

Heart Disease, Hormones,

Digestive health, 

Energy levels & fatigue.

Improving eating habits & behaviours

Tackling chronic health conditions naturally through diet & lifestyle

Stress management, Breath work, Meditation, Exercise coaching  

Motivating, supporting & championing you to make the changes towards better health & wellbeing.

My Services

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Included with Health & Wellbeing Programmes

Included in all programmes, is a Habits to Health Journal and Planner containing a variety of helpful tools and resources to support your health journey. From habit trackers and extra nutrition and lifestyle information, weekly and daily planners, to delicious and nutritious meal plans, this journal and planner is designed to complement my programmes and help you stay on track in between our consultations for real and lasting results!

Get in touch

Get in touch to start your journey towards better health and wellbeing.

I would love to hear from you! 😊

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