Comprehensive Wellness Checks

"Helping you live an energetic and fulfilled life"

For peace of mind or just to know you are on the right track a comprehensive wellness check can help you determine which area of health you need to focus on.


Knowing your numbers can help nudge you away from future disease, and towards your best health.

Comprehensive wellness checks can be taken as a standalone package or added on to Health & Wellbeing Programmes

or Personal Training

Whats included;

  • A comprehensive blood panel looking at key biomarkers of health including cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose, CRP (inflammation), vitamin D, B12, ferritin, magnesium, zinc, thyroid health and more.

  • A full report detailing results.

  • A consultation to go over your results and discuss appropriate diet and lifestyle changes. (In-person or via video call)

  • A plan of action to take forward.

  • Option to add on further biomarkers. 

  • Option for further coaching and support.

Functional testing

Further laboratory testing is also available as part of a Health & Wellbeing programme. To find out about testing available to help you improve your health and the different options available click here, and be sure to get in touch below for more information or to book a package. 

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