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Comprehensive Wellness checks and Functional Blood Testing

"For peace of mind or just to know you are on the right track a comprehensive wellness check and functional blood testing can help you determine which area of health you need to focus on.

Knowing your numbers can help tailor your nutrition plan and nudge you away from future disease and towards your best health".

An example of tests that can be carried out to assess your risk factors or state of health. 

​In conjunction with HeathPath Pro

✔️ Fasting insulin - determines the presence of insulin resistance and risk of diabetes and heart disease. 

✔️HBA1C - Measure of blood glucose levels

✔️ Cholesterol lipid markers - measures the levels of cholesterol in the body, including total cholesterol, and LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) and HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol, as well as which are important markers of cardiovascular health. 

✔️ Homocysteine 

✔️ Liver Profile - Assess the health and function of the liver.

✔️ Iron Profile

✔️ Vitamin D

✔️ HsCRP - A marker of inflammation

✔️ Nutrient status

✔️ Thyroid hormone panel - To assess the functioning of the thyroid gland.

✔️ DNA Health profile - Analyses 45 different genes to determine predispositions to disease including heart disease, B vitamins (cell renewal and DNA), oxidative stress, bone health, detoxification, inflammation and insulin resistance for tailored nutritional recommendations. 

Comprehensive wellness checks & functional blood testing can be added on to a

Bespoke Health & Wellbeing coaching Programme




3 Month Vibrant Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Online Programme

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