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"Julie has inspired me in all areas of my health and wellbeing. From improving my sleeping habits to exploring nutrition to support my medical conditions and relaxation to reduce my stress. I have made huge improvements in all these areas and am feeling much healthier and happier in myself. Thank you Julie!".

Sharon, Peterborough, Health & Wellbeing Coaching

"I've just finished my 12 week course with Julie and cannot recommend her highly enough. Week 1 - I was barely able to eat and keep food in. Week 12 - I have gained so much knowledge, dietary and digestive understanding and respect for all the food I buy, prepare and eat. Working with Julie isn't just about 'a diet' it's working through so much more. Truly a life changing experience for me. I wish I'd picked up the phone years ago"

Diane, Rutland, 1-2-1 Health & Wellbeing Coaching

May I thank you for all for all your professional guidance and advice. Your nutrition programme has been excellent and has helped me greatly. I would thoroughly recommend your services to anybody. May you continue to provide an outstanding service to future clients who require advice on nutrition”

Tony, Stamford, Health & Wellbeing Coaching

Having the support and guidance from Julie has changed my attitude to food. Julie Hodgson is an extremely confident and knowledgeable advisor and her expertise is obvious.  My choice of food has become healthy and colourful. I feel less lethargic and am losing the weight I aimed for. This is not a diet but a new way of living"

Joan, Stamford, 12 Week Health & Wellbeing Programme

Having just finished a 12 week course with Julie I highly recommend her. Having to eat gluten wheat and dairy free whilst being a veggie, I was really struggling knowing what to eat and how food and lifestyle have such a huge impact on health. Julie helped me with food diarys and knowing what to cook to ensure im getting the right foods in my diet. Julie is very helpful and very kind, understanding, I have never had a good relationship with food and Julie has helped me turn this around. I will be forever grateful. XX

Alicia, Peterborough, 12 Week Health & Wellbeing Programme

You have got me eating a lot healthier. That is no mean feat let me tell you" This is the healthiest I have ever been and I feel great! Thank you Julie

Beverly, Peterborough, Health & Wellbeing Coaching

I have learnt so much from Julie and seen such incredible gains physically and mentally, to which I am incredibly grateful.

Let’s be clear if you reach out to Julie you are working with someone who doesn’t judge you or make you feel small…she encourages you from the sides with you all the way looking for ways to guide you to your goal. It’s up to you and you alone to follow the guidance she gives you and if you are honest at the check-ups she again will find further enhancements to keep you progressing positively.

A real find, a real talent, a real pleasure! Great work Julie!

Stuart, Peterborough, Health & Wellbeing Coaching

Julie is extremely professional, gave some great nutritional information and advice making it easy for me to understand. I highly recommend Julie's service for anyone needing a complete health and wellbeing programme tailored for their individual needs. I feel like a new person!

Barry, Oundel, 12 Week Health & Wellbeing Coaching

When I first contacted Julie I was in such a state of anxiety regarding my unhealthy eating habits. I was concerned about inflammatory illness, pre diabetes and the fact that I was the heaviest I had ever been. That was three months ago and my weekly zoom sessions with Julie have helped me to have a much healthier relationship with food. Her holistic approach and her excellent knowledge of the scientific evidence around nutrition have really helped me recognise where my issues with food come from. She has taught me that if I follow certain behaviour patterns around stress management, exercise and eating a wide variety of food, I feel so much better and more optimistic and at last as a result, I am beginning to lose the weight! So thank you, Julie, I look forward to checking in with you every so often just to keep myself on track!

Lorraine, Spalding, 12 Week Health & Wellbeing Coaching

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