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Healthy Food
3 Month Vibrant Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Online Programme

No calorie counting, gimmicks, restrictions, or guilt.

Just real food, natural & sustainable health advice.


- x6 powerful and informative modules delivered to your inbox every two weeks to guide you through a complete diet and lifestyle transformation. 

- Clear focus points with each module to guide and ensure continued progression.

- Option of a regular food diary review via email to educate and help you eat in a realistic and enjoyable way for you.

- Access to Julie via WhatsApp chat to ask questions and discuss any issues that arise. 

- Recipes and meal inspiration, meal plans, shopping lists, food guides, handouts, and more.

- Option to add on bi-weekly/ad-hoc coaching calls if desired.

- Option to add on further testing and receive feedback on areas such as cholesterol, fasting insulin, vitamin D, Blood glucose, Liver function, inflammatory markers, thyroid, DNA testing. (Added cost)

 All you need to get long term improvement including – 

Recipes and meal inspiration • meal plans • shopping lists • food guides • handouts • Email support • Optional coaching calls.

Modules included in the programme. 

Module 1: Nourish Your Body for True Health and Wellbeing  - Banish cravings, restore gut health, improve energy levels, and heal your body inside out.


Module 2: Benefit from a blood sugar balancing way of eating - Address cravings, regulate appetite, improve hormonal health, energy levels and metabolic health - The fabulous four: protein, fat, fibre & leafy greens.

Module 3: Optimise Digestion - Key to long term health and wellbeing. Ensure you are benefiting from of all those lovely nutrients in your diet. Nourish your microbiome.


Module 4: Consolidation of habits so far & Mindset tips and tricks – Helping you maintain your habits long-term for real and sustained health going forward. Ensuring consistent habits that stick with you for life.

Module 5: Stress Management  - Relaxation, mindfulness, meditation. Supporting your mental and emotional health for lifelong results. From a nutritional & lifestyle perspective. 


Module 6: Movement/activity – Inspiration  – Finding something you enjoy! Helping you get active with regular appropriate movement & activity & how to fit it in to support true health and healing. 



Register now

Immediate access to the first module upon registration. Further modules are then released fortnightly on the day you registered.

This option includes online modules, and email support.

This option includes fortnightly coaching calls. You will receive notification to book your first coaching call on registration.

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