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12 Week Vibrant Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Online Programme

​​Real food, Natural & Sustainable Health Advice.​


​- x6 powerful and informative modules delivered to your inbox every two weeks to guide you through a complete diet and lifestyle transformation. ​


- Clear focus points with each module to guide and ensure continued progression.​


- Option of a regular food diary review via email to educate and help you eat in a realistic and enjoyable way for you.​


- Access to Julie via WhatsApp chat to ask questions and discuss any issues that arise. 


​- Recipes and meal inspiration, meal plans, shopping lists, food guides, handouts, and more.​


- Option to add on bi-weekly/ad-hoc coaching calls if desired.​


- Option to add on further testing and receive feedback on areas such as cholesterol, fasting insulin, vitamin D, Blood glucose, Liver function, inflammatory markers, thyroid, DNA testing. (Added cost)​​

 All you need to get long term improvement including – 

Recipes and meal inspiration • meal plans • shopping lists • food guides • handouts • Email support • Optional coaching calls.


Lessons included in the programme. 

Module 1: Nourish Your Body for True Health and Wellbeing  - Start adding on all those nutrient dense foods that heal your body from the inside out.  


Module 2: Benefit from a blood sugar-balancing way of eating - Address cravings, regulate appetite, and improve hormonal health, energy levels, mood and metabolic health.

Module 3: Optimise Digestion - Key to long-term health and well-being. Ensure you are benefiting from all those lovely nutrients in your diet. Nourish your microbiome and banish those annoying digestive symptoms.

Module 4: Consolidation of habits so far & Mindset tips and tricks – Helping you maintain your habits long-term for real and sustained health going forward. 

Module 5: Supporting your HPA axis (Stress response)  - Relaxation, mindfulness, meditation. Supporting your mental and emotional health for lifelong results. From a nutritional & lifestyle perspective. 


Module 6: Movement/activity – Inspiration  – Finding something you enjoy! Helping you get active with regular appropriate movement & activity & how to fit it in to support true health and healing. 

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