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Julie Hodgson 
BSc (Hons), PgDip, DIP ION, mBANT
CNHC registered Nutritionist & Health Coach

As a qualified nutritionist I have helped a large number of people improve their health and wellbeing. I have helped clients reduce pain and discomfort, reduce markers of ill-health, improve their energy levels, lose weight, and reduce anxiety and depression. Ultimately, helping them feel more confident, happy and live a more fulfilled and energetic life.

Nutritional therapy isn't just about what you eat. It takes into account your medical history, your symptoms, and sometimes seemingly unrelated symptoms, your biochemical profile, and underlying imbalances. It also takes into consideration your activity levels, stress levels, and mindset for a real "health and lifestyle mot". 

Through blood, urine and saliva testing, in-depth questionnaires and listening to your story I put together a formulated dietary and lifestyle plan tailored to you and your situation. 

I love helping people improve their health and feel better about themselves, and couldn't think of a more worthwhile job.

Initially I worked in general nutrition and health, where I gained so much experience and worked with some lovely and amazing clients.

However, the more clients I have seen over the last few years the more interested I have become in mental health, brain health, mood and depression. 

I have my own story which I have overcome through nutritional therapy, diet and lifestyle changes, which means I understand what you are going through and can lend a supportive, encouraging hand.

It is also where I get some great results with clients!

There are real physical causes of mental distress which I find very few people are aware of or told about, and many lifestyle practices "natural anti-depressants" which are majorly under utilised.

The brain and nervous system have their own specific and unique nutritional requirements, which if not met will impair functioning. The mind-body connection also explains how alterations in our biochemical profile and bodily processes impacts the brain, our mind and emotions.  

I've had clients who have been on medication or suffered for years without ever tackling the real underlying root cause of their condition.

And this is where I can help!  I investigate underlying causes and help you put into place the lifestyle practices effective for improving mood, instilling a sense of wellbeing and overcoming depression. 

As a Registered Nutritionist I am a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT), as well as the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

To maintain registration, and as part of my own personal commitment and interest, I regularly undertake undergraduate and post graduate training in the area of nutrition, functional medicine and mental health.

I also have qualifications and experience in exercise prescription and coaching, and teaching techniques such as mindfulness, meditation and mindset.

Regular seminars, webinars and CPD events ensures up to date recommendations and high standards in the evidenced based practice of nutritional therapy. 

To find out more head over to instagram or facebook where i post regular updates and information, or get in touch below for a free 20 minute chat. 


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