This programme offers all the benefits of in-person consultations through the convenience of email and messenger. It incorporates all the steps, including a complete dietary and lifestyle plan, to help you improve your health, overcome annoying symptoms whilst instilling a sense of wellbeing and happiness. 

Dietary and lifestyle advice is tailored to you and your situation and support is just on the end a message. 

How it works;

This programme is run over 6 weeks to help you change your diet, improve your lifestyle and instil the habits long term.

  • An initial health questionnaire and food dairy will provide an insight into your health and eating patterns.

  • A personalised programme with diet and lifestyle recommendations will be emailed along with handouts and information tailored to you and your goals. 

  • A weekly food dairy review will educate and help you eat in a way that is realistic and enjoyable for you, as well as compliments your health and provides all the essential nutrients.

  • You will receive regular support via email or messenger when required.​

  • A large selection of meal ideas, recipes and inspiration. 

  • The option of testing and supplementation for an added cost.

  • Understanding, personal and non-judgmental support to help you commit to achieving better health and wellbeing.



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