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10 Day Sugar Free Challenge

Helping you kick the sugar, optimise your diet, and go from feeling unhealthy & fed up to vibrant, happy and energetic! 💫

Kicking sugar will help regulate blood sugar, reduce cravings, lose weight, improve your skin appearance, improve your mood, increase your energy, help you sleep better & improve your overall health! 

How it works

You will receive everything you need for 10 days, including healthy, nourishing meal ideas, recipes, shopping lists & meal prep instructions.


You will recieve a daily email with motivation, inspiration, tips and tricks for cutting the sugar. 


You will also recieve a daily planner / checklist to confirm the actions you will be taking that day. Ensure you go into your day crystal clear on what you will do to ensure conscious actions and positive behaviours. 


Email support from myself to answer any questions, and receive motivation. 

For £29 you will receive;
  • Printable PDFs with everything you need for 10 days - Meal plan, recipes, shopping lists, meal prep instructions, daily planner/checklist.

  • Daily advice, tips and tricks to make it easy to kick sugar in 10 days. 

  • A meal plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas that are high protein, colourful, yummy and nourishing to boost energy and curb any sugar cravings.

  • Advice on mindful eating, stress management and movement to help you get to the root cause of your cravings/overeating and overcome them.

  • Strategies around eating out, enjoying a meal with friends and enjoying your pleasure foods. Recommendations to help you move forward with healthy habits and lose the guilt. 

Frequently asked questions

What will the food be like?

I have specifically chosen simple recipes with fresh wholesome food and no weird and wonderful ingredients. You can buy everything from your local supermarket. The recipes are dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free! And of course delicious! 

Will I lose weight in 10 days?

Yes, you may lose weight although I can never offer any guarantees. Most people when they kick sugar feel lighter, less bloated and have less fluid retention so often feel lighter in just a couple of days but we are all very different. Sugar is a big driver of weight gain and insulin and reducing sugar is proven to have many health benefits along with weight loss. 

Will I feel good during the 10 days?

Some people when they reduce or stop sugar may feel tired and lethargic for a couple of days but this is just your body adjusting before it feels considerably better! Past clients have reported in less than a week to feeling more energetic, clear-headed, lighter, improved digestion and digestive symptoms, less achy and vibrant..

Is the plan completely sugar-free?

The 10-day meal plans are completely free from refined sugars and also natural sources like honey, maple syrup and sweeteners to help you adjust to less sweet food. It does include natural sugars in fruit as fruit contains fibre, vitamins and minerals and can help fill you up. There is portion guidance however!

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