5 Day Breakfast Challenge

Getting you started on your way to better health & wellbeing

Sometimes when you feel below par or are struggling with your health and wellbeing it can be difficult to figure out where to start. 


And that is where my breakfast challenge comes in! 


What you eat first thing has an impact on your physiology, your cravings, appetite, mood and emotions well into the evening. 


Research also shows that what you eat in the morning has an impact on your diet all day. 


 Knowing you are nourished and providing your body with everything it needs, helps you feel fabulous and make better, more positive choices all day!

One small thing such as breakfast can start a ripple effect helping you instil further habits that will help improve your physical and mental health.


   "Whether you wake up ravenous or are really not a breakfast person this challenge can help you start your day in the best way for you!"


    The challenge is designed to help you build and instil the habit of eating the right thing at the right time to support your health and wellbeing, as well as help you well on your way to getting where you want to be.


What’s included;


- A booklet of breakfast recipes, ideas and inspiration for you to choose which ones you want to try out during the challenge. 


- A guide to putting together the perfect smoothie.


- 5 daily emails providing motivation and support to complete the challenge.


- Tips on how to make breakfast work for you.


- Knowledge on whether or not breakfast really is “the most important meal of the day”


- Help instilling habits that can help you towards overcoming health issues, annoying symptoms, cravings and overeating. 


- Help getting started on your journey to better health and wellbeing. 


With a selection of different recipes, ideas and inspiration, as well as daily motivation and support this challenge will help you instil the habit of eating breakfast and beyond……

“Improving your health starts with one small habit that you do consistently! That one small habit can start a ripple affect to further change, instilling more healthful habits, reaching your health goals and living your best life”.

To get started on your way to better health and wellbeing click on the link below to join my free 5 day breakfast challenge, and keep a look out for the first email tomorrow!



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“All it takes is one small thing, to make the biggest difference”


All the best

Julie x

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