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Meal Planning For You

​12 - 24 Weeks of custom meal plans tailored to your health goals and delivered to your inbox every two weeks. 💫

Custom Meal Plans are for you if;

​- You would like to receive 6 weeks worth of custom meal plans, delicious recipes, and shopping lists tailored to your specific health goals.​


- You would like to lose weight or improve your health in a way that is long lasting and attainable whilst eating nourishing meals but you don't know where to start. 


​- You would like to balance blood sugar and benefit from eating regular, nutritionally dense foods with the correct macronutrient ratio for your health goals. 


- You want to reduce bloating and digestive issues.


​- You want to eat well with a busy schedule.


​- You wish to meal plan for specific dietary restrictions, allergies or sensitivities, food preferences, keto, paleo, and more, all designed by a qualified nutritionist. 


​- You feel you do not need the education, intensive support, or accountability to eat well, you just need some ideas and a bit of structure to your eating and meal planning.​​

Your purchase includes;

- An initial Nutritional Assessment form to understand your goals and ambitions, typical diet, lifestyle, and preferences.

- 6 weeks worth of custom meal plans delivered every two weeks including delicious recipes and shopping lists.

- Access via WhatsApp Chat to ask questions. (Lengthy questions or support needing in-depth discussion and consideration will require extra coaching calls or nutritional therapy consultations at an additional cost as per terms & conditions)

- Option to book coaching calls at an added cost.

Getting Started

Fill out your Nutrition Planning Assessment below to get started..

On submission of your Nutrition Planning Assessment you will receive an invoice for the amount of £145. 

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