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My 3 steps to get your health where you want it to be.

How my 3 step system helps you get to the bottom of your health struggles to live a healthy happy life!

These stages often overlap and have to be moved about depending on your current situation and health, but are a good guide and can help in achieving AND maintaining good health.

Maybe it will help you too!

The first step!

Remove the bad stuff!

This step runs alongside step 2, as I think adding in is so much easier than taking out! We are also looking at taking out anything disturbing the normal functioning of your body and contributing to your health issues.

Some examples;

- Problematic foods that are causing inflammation, or unpleasant symptoms.

- Toxins that may be undermining your health like xenoestrogens disrupting hormones for example.

- Naughty microbes such as bad bacteria, yeasts, or parasites. These can be tested for if necessary and addressed through diet and supplementation.

- Excess stress (Stress hormones like cortisol disrupting your biochemistry)

The second step

Replace the good stuff!

This is putting all the things into your body to help it thrive.

Things such as;

- Vitamins and minerals

- Powerful anti-inflammatory foods including antioxidants, polyphenols.

- Whole foods and nutrients such as protein and fats that support optimal function of your body. Taking into consideration your goals and underlying imbalances i.e diabetes, insulin resistance.

- Sometimes stomach acid, enzymes or probiotics to help you break down and absorb the food you are eating.

- Specific nutrients needed to repair tissues or address your specific health concern. (For example bone support in osteoporosis, nutrients for thyroid hormones, or targeted nutrients to repair and sooth your digestive tract.

- Movement and physical activity.

The third step


This one helps you maintain your changes and navigate your life whilst still being able to retain your health, eat well, exercise, manage stress and ensure quality sleep. It supports areas such as;

-Stress management - Helping you manage stress and maintain a sense of wellbeing with practices to help you feel more calm, happy and in control of your emotions and actions.

- Mindset and belief systems - Altering your mindset and belief systems for health and happiness, and addressing those beliefs sabotaging your health and wellbeing. A key factor to help you maintain good health.

Alongside these steps I work with clients to help them take manageable and achievable steps towards improving their health.

I offer both nutritional consultations and packages, and personal training, depending on how much support you need.

If you'd like any help be sure to get in touch.

Click here to find out more about my programmes and to get in touch.

Julie x

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