Tips for dealing with stress, anxiety and finding some calm over Christmas.

Ditch the stimulants

It’s so easy to try and perk yourself up, relieve the stress or anxiety with a glass of wine, coffee or chocolate bar when you’re anxious, tired or feeling stressed. But while a little is fine, a regular coffee, sugar or alcohol habit is a real stress on the body. Caffeine, alcohol and sugar are all stimulants which cause our blood sugar levels to fluctuate leading to anxiety, mood swings and energy slumps.

The subsequent release of stress hormones leave us feeling far worse in the long run. They also deplete important nutrients such as B vitamins and zinc which we need to keep us calm and focused. It really is worth cutting these down, and you really will notice a difference!

Eat protein at each meal

Protein helps maintain blood sugar levels keeping us energized and calm. It also provides important nutrients including magnesium, zinc, B vitamins and calcium, which we require for nerve function and our body’s stress response. Try to eat a some protein such as eggs, meat, poultry, fish, pulses, nuts and seeds at each meal. You ideally need a goo hand sized portion at each meal in length and thickness or at least 20grams per meal.

Eat little and often

This prevents falls in blood sugar and the accompanying feelings of anxiety. If anxiety is a problem try and eat at within an hour of waking and get into the habit of having a small healthy snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon such as nuts and seeds, hummus or nut butter with oatcakes, or natural yoghurt with berries. You could also go for a nutty flapjack, dried fruit and nuts, or a small amount of good quality dark chocolate.

Eat foods rich in tryptophan

Tryptophan is a building block for making serotonin, our feel good hormone. It is found in chicken, turkey, fish, yoghurt, oats, eggs and beans. For a mega dose of tryptophan, try a chicken and bean casserole or smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Relax with magnesium and calcium rich foods

Calcium and magnesium are both important for nerve function and relaxation. Nuts, seeds, green vegetables, sardines and salmon are good sources of calcium. Nuts and greens also provide good levels of magnesium, along with brown rice, oats, rye, buckwheat and quinoa. You may also want to consider a supplement or use Epsom salts in your bath.

Be calm with B vitamins

The B vitamins are vital for combating stress and anxiety. Vitamin B5, the ‘anti-stress’ vitamin, is particularly important as it plays a central role in adrenal function and our stress response. Increase your B vitamin intake with nuts, seeds, eggs, lamb, chicken, rye, oats, lentils and quinoa.

Get your oats

Oats are a complex carbohydrate which means they are great for stabilising energy levels. Oats contain a substance called gramine which is said to have calming properties and herbalists often recommend oat tincture to combat anxiety. Get your day off to a relaxing start with a bowl of warming porridge – sprinkle with nuts and seeds for added protein and nutrients.

Calm yourself with herbs

Chamomile, hops, valerian, and passionflower can all promote relaxation. Valerian is also useful to aid sleep and has been used since Roman times for relaxation. These herbs can be taken as a tea, tincture or in tablet form.

Take time for yourself

Don't feel guilty taking me-time! Everybody will benefit including those around you. ‘Me -time’ could include reading a book, going for a walk, swimming, meditation, a warm bath with Epsom salts, or anything you find relaxing (colouring, sewing, knitting). Don’t feel guilty about spending this time, shutting the door on the world every now and then, we all need it! – you will feel so much better for it!

Go outside

Research has shown that getting outside in nature, amongst the greenery can boost mood and lessen anxiety, and really is one of the best things you can do! Next time you feel anxious, go for a long walk in the park or countryside, go for a bike ride or anything outside. Wrap up warm and get invigorated.

Laugh, find joy and have fun!

How many people are lost in the everyday? When did you last experience Joy? Having a good laugh is one of the best things you can do for health. Whether it's a get together with a group of good friends for a gossip and a giggle, watching a good comedy or something that makes your heart smile. Have a think about what you love doing. What makes you feel alive, what did you used to enjoy?

I hope some of these help. If you are struggling be sure to talk to somebody, or get in touch.

Have an amazing relaxing Christmas, give yourself a break and find some joy!

Julie xx

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