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Master the mindset for successful weight loss.

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Mindset is so important for successful weight loss. If you are struggling to get started, make changes, or stick to any plan these 5 tips might help;

1) You are not on or off the wagon, you are just eating for health, to feel good, to safe guard your future, and live a long, healthy, happy rewarding life! With this, comes a healthy weight.

2) It’s not about restriction or never eating your favourite food again. It’s about balance, changing those feelings of restriction so you enjoy your diet and what you are eating. Concentrating on the habits impacts your physiology and your biochemistry, and will help nourish your body at cellular level, this in turn supports appetite, cravings and feelings of restriction. You should get to a place where you enjoy your meals and what you eat, and still be supporting optimal health.

3) Doing the above steps correctly will help improve gut health, brain health, mood, and energy levels, which will all have a positive impact on your weight.

4) Recognise that uncomfortable feeling. Those default habits, thoughts, emotions and behaviours that keep sabotaging your attempts can be very strong! When you try and alter these, say to make yourself go out for that walk/run, not eat all the chocolate when you are feeling low etc, it can feel very uncomfortable.

Recognising these uncomfortable feelings will help you support them through other avenues, and help you overcome your default habits and get closer to your goals. Those uncomfortable feelings will then get less and less.

5) Commit to the process. If you have a history of stopping and starting, its because you are not committing fully to the process. The process is tackling the ups and downs the failure and successes, the eating the wrong thing, or the not feeling motivated. When you commit to the process, you commit to tackling each and everyone of these, and you can't fail to succeed.

I hope these 5 mindset tips help!

I find these to be common things that crop up for both clients and myself, and I’ve been there! I’ve felt overwhelmed, irritable, unhealthy and unfit, and I’ve struggled to do the things I know will make me feel better.

You know the one thing that helped?

When I stopped being so hard on myself! I stopped being so strict, and started to enjoy the process.

I stopped comparing myself and giving myself a hard time for not being slim enough or fit enough or eating the wrong thing!

You don't have to be perfect, and you don't have to always get it right.

You just have to keep progressing! And this is what I help clients with. I help clients improve their health whilst enjoying the process, become proud of what they have achieved, and feel good about themselves again!"

If you need any help be sure to get in touch!

Julie x

My 12 week health & wellbeing programme includes 12 weeks of 1-2-1 health and wellbeing coaching, regular consultations, and weekly coaching and Q & A sessions, to help you Stop Wishing and Start Doing. Click on the picture for more information ​

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